Ella Baché Balmain

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Special Offers

  • Xen LED Medical Grade Light Therapy
    $90 (Save $30)

    LED is a non-invasive treatment, is painless, very safe & does not cause any downtime. This treatment inc.Cleanse, Peel, LED light therapy & Moisturiser 30min.


    At Ella Bache Balmain we have been trained in LED therapy & are able to properly analyze your skin to determine which LED lights are most appropriate for your current skin condition & can adjust the strength & dosage (time) of lights as you start seeing results.


    • Aging/Fine Lines/wrinkles
    • Collagen Reproduction
    • Firming
    • Calming/Healing
    • Approved to treat Acne by killing bacteria as it absorbs it
    • Rejuvenates skin on a cellular level

    and more.....